The Cairns Northern Beaches Judo Club & N.P.A. Judo Club, organised some visiting coaches in May & June, over a six week period.
Weekly and also many additional Judo classes.were scheduled, conducted and welcomed by all participating players, coaches and parents and families.
Great to have a lot of varying and additional technique and coaching styles on hand, for all our Judoka to learn from.
And thanks to all the families and friends, who assisted in supporting and entertaining the visitors whilst off the mat too.

Our guest coaches:-

Takemasa Matsubara – San Dan from Wakayama Municipal Miya Primary School
Akihito Kanemaru – Rokudan, 1984 All Japan Champion from Tenri University
Danial Carr – Sho Dan, winner of the English Open and Northern Ireland Open – U66kg
Maurice Miribito – JFA(Q), Rokudan

Australian Judo Championships – 2017
Cairns Northern Beaches Judo Club representatives both win Gold.
Annabelle Hunter – Junior Girls U30kg
Toby Sagacio – Cadet Boys U55kg

“Kata Instruction” – 2017

2017 International Judo Results for Cairns Northern Beaches Judo Club Judoka

Toby Sagacio – 2017 English Open, Wolverhampton.
U55kg Junior Men – Bronze

Toby Sagacio – 2017 Sweden
U55 kg Cadets – Bronze